Local Breweries

The following microbreweries are located within the CAMRA Central Lancashire Branch area:-

Beer Brothers Brewery (2015-)

Bishop's Crook Brewery (2013-)

Chain House Brewing Company (2017-)

Crankshaft Brewery (2016-)

Darkwave Brewing (2016-)

Hubsters Brewery (2016-)

Oscar's Brewery (1995-) (initially known as Hart Brewery)

Priest Town Brewing (2016-)

Providence Brewery (2017-)

Ribble Brewery (coming soon)

Rivington Brewing Company (2015-)

Third Eye Brewery (2015-)

Withnell's Brewery (2016-)

The extremely large InBev Brewery at Samlesbury is believed not to have produced any cask conditioned beer for several years.

For information, other microbreweries to have operated in the area while CAMRA has been in existence are:-

New Fermor Arms, Rufford (1976-1992)

Leyland Brewery (1983-1985)

Little Avenham Brewery (1992-1997)

Preston Brewing Company (1992-1994)

Old Wheelton Brewery (2001-2004)

Arkwright's Brewery (2010-2016)

Chorley Brewhouse (2012-2013)

Goosnargh Brewery (2013-2018)

Grill & Grain Brewery (2016-2017)

Brindle Distillery (2017-2018)

Partridge Brewing Company (2017-2018)